Blankets have always been a part of the grieving process, originally in the form of a quilt. The soft, comforting nature of a tribute blanket helps to ease us through the pain. Many quilters still make funeral blankets today. Although few of us have someone in our family that can create a quilt, we can use a 100% cotton woven tribute blanket in its place to help us in celebrating life’s memories.

The tribute blanket serves the same purpose as the quilt. The blanket is woven using a photograph of a loved one, and may include other family members, in a setting that is comforting. Our family service counselors will work with you to customize your loving keepsake with words, borders and other design elements –delivered in time to display during service at the grave site.

Tribute blankets have helped over twenty five thousand people in the past two years cope with grief and the loss of their loved one. The blankets are large, woven of extra soft cotton, and convey a photograph of someone we love. Each blanket is six feet long and makes us feel better as we wrap-up around the comforting memories of our loved one. Please contact our office for further details and to place your order today!