Above Ground Burial Options at Cypress Hills Cemetery

Your choice of Melrose Memorial Gardens, Cypress Hills Abbey, or Memorial Abbey


Melrose Memorial Gardens


Cypress Hills Abbey


Memorial Abbey

For those preferring an above-ground burial of their loved ones, we have three options. Our new Garden mausoleum, Melrose Memorial Gardens, was built in 2008 and provides a serene resting place for loved ones and has crypts and niches available both inside and out. Crypts and niches are covered with beautiful granite where the family inscription will be placed. Inside the chapel of Melrose Memorial Gardens, glass front niches are also available for families.

Lastly, our two mausoleums, Memorial Abbey and Cypress Hills Abbey, built in the 1930’s, still have locations available. Each Abbey offers a beautiful, uplifting setting for the inurnment of cremated remains. The niches accommodate a wide variety of urns and are made with high quality marble.

Prearranged burial plans helps loved ones cope with loss

When burial arrangements are not made ahead of time and the wishes of the deceased are not expressed, families often are forced to rush into decisions complicated by grief, stress and confusion. We encourage families to pre-arrange a burial lot or cremation niche or crypt in advance to avoid being overwhelmed when the time comes.

At Cypress Hills Cemetery, our ultimate goal is to provide guidance and counsel with the utmost compassion and consideration.

Urn Gardens & Niches