Image of cypress hills cemetery grounds

Pre-Arranging Burial Options is Sensible and Smart

Avoid undue stress during emotional times by planning ahead


It’s worth doing for those you love.

In today’s modern and sometimes hectic world, it has never made more sense to plan ahead and to address this important decision calmly and wisely. As a family together, without additional sorrow and emotional strain, the Family Service Counselors at Cypress Hills can fully assist you on all burial options. In turn, after making a sound decision, it will give you peace of mind that can be gained no other way. Most importantly, your payments can be made in small, affordable sums, free of interest, or tax. Moreover, there is a substantial savings to be gained at today’s prices. Take the opportunity now to spare your family the added burden of making last minute burial arrangements at a time when they are least prepared.

In Ground Options


Upright Headstone


Flat Marker

Above Ground Options


Melrose Garden with Urn Niches


Urn Gardens

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