Cremation at Cypress Hills Cemetery

Your choice of Niche or Open Garden

urn gardens

Urn Gardens

urn gardens

urn gardens

Urn Garden is available for in-ground burial of cremated remains. Our Urn Garden was designed and cultivated especially for in-ground burial of cremated remains. It provides families with a peaceful and serene setting to remember their loved ones.

For interment or grave pricing questions please contact our Office at 718-277-2900 or at email us

Lastly, our two mausoleums, Memorial Abbey and Cypress Hills Abbey, built in the 1930’s, still have locations available. Each Abbey offers a beautiful, uplifting setting for the inurnment of cremated remains. The niches accommodate a wide variety of urns and are made with high quality marble.

Grab a Poster and Take a Tour

Stop by our Main Office during open hours, and ask for a complementary Notable Map. The map includes a walking tour of all our notable burials to date, along with history snippets and points of interest about Cypress Hills Cemetery.