Planting Regulations at Cypress Hills Cemetery

A few regulations to keep the grounds serene and beautiful for visitors

At Cypress Hills Cemetery, we understand how important a serene and picturesque environment is to those visiting a final resting place. That is why we are strongly committed to preserving and enhancing the natural beauty of the Cemetery. This commitment involves a continual and comprehensive beautification plan, one that includes additional planning and consultation with landscape architects.

In order to create an aesthetically pleasant environment for all our visitors to enjoy the memories of their loved ones, Cypress Hills Cemetery has instituted the following planting regulations.

Dwarf evergreens may be planted on either side of a burial monument, so long as they do not encroach on adjoining graves, roads, or paths. These may be planted by either the owner or the cemetery and may be trimmed periodically to prevent unsightly overgrowth.

Fresh cut flowers and Artificial Flowers are permitted all year round.

Please note that the Cemetery reserves the right to remove evergreens which:

  • are partially or completely dead as a result of the weather or other natural occurrences;
  • are of a specimen that are unsightly;
  • reach a height of 6 inches above the top of the grave monument;
  • require severe pruning to prevent encroachment on adjoining graves, roads or paths;
  • due to the height specifications noted above, require the removal of the top of the evergreen, thus creating an aesthetically unpleasant appearance; or
  • are not considered ornamental to the grave, lot or Cemetery section in which it is located.